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Please check that you select the correct delivery option at checkout – some auto-fillers seem to default to collection. If possible please include a mobile number with your delivery details to help avoid any last-minute issues with the courier.

An important note: I cannot currently ship to the EU. I’m really very sorry about this, and hope to be able to resume at some point. Please see the Stockists page for other options.

Shipping is charged at cost, and there’s a free local pick-up option at checkout if you’re in the Manchester area. If your location isn’t available please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. All the packaging used for shipping is recyclable.

All Chorlton Whisky releases are bottled at natural strength from a single cask, with no chill-filtering or added colouring. No monkey business, basically.

Special offers:

Glentaucherlypse Now! Buy the 8, 14 and 26yo Glentauchers bottles together for £295 (a saving of £19).

Last of the Summer Rum. Buy the 11yo Epris and 15yo Lluidas Vale rums together for £125 (a saving of £7).

Dailuaine 10-year-old

One last bottle back in stock – grab it while you can. £60.

Highland 18-year-old

This is a mystery peated Highland single malt, rumoured to be from a rather well-known distillery…

The nose has a complex aromatic fruitiness (orange, fig leaf, mango, Juicy Fruit) with savoury smoke (soy sauce, liquorice and sage, BBQ) drifting beneath. The palate is sweet, lightly syrupy in texture, and smokier than the nose, with papaya, lemon, salty green olives, black treacle bacon and a lingering and slightly medicinal peat smoke.

It’s the balance of a rather lush fruitiness with a sweet/savoury smoke that really makes this one. It made me think of old Caol Ila and Laphroaig at points, which can’t be a bad thing!

This refill barrel produced 267 bottles at a cask strength of 54.0% and they are available for £120 each. Last few.

TDL Trinidad Rum 13-year-old

This is a particularly fruity single cask Trinidad rum!

The nose has peaches, bananas, honeysuckle, guava and pineapple jam, with some rather funkier notes of green olives, liquorice comfits, petrol and dark chocolate in the background. The palate has huge mangos and grapefruits, liquorice and peppermint oil. The finish is wonderfully chunky, with marmalade, mango jam, herbal pastilles, tar and dark chocolate.

This is exuberantly fruity, but with a hint of herbal bitterness that keeps it feeling like a “grown-up” treat. (Angostura Bitters are made at the same distillery, coincidentally.) It’s also incredibly easy to drink at full strength – be careful!

This rum was aged for ten years in the tropics, and the rest in the UK. The barrel produced 275 bottles at a cask strength of 64.2% and they are available for £65 each.

Glentauchers 26-year-old

A perfect summery Speyside drop for you here! The nose has pink grapefruit, strawberry gummies and masses of pollen-heavy yellow flowers, with touches of cider, buttery cereal, olive oil and green herbs. The palate is lightly waxy and herbal, balancing tart and sweet fruits (green apple, pineapple, banana, Juicy Fruit gum) before a clean honeyed and citrussy finish.

Exemplary fruity Speyside spirit, this, with a bit of backbone and the age and strength feeling just right.

This barrel only produced 157 bottles at a cask strength of 51.5% and they are available for £175 each. Last few.

Lluidas Vale 15-year-old

This is a single cask Jamaican rum from Worthy Park distillery.

The nose has smoky custard, green olives, black tea, bananas, shoe polish and liquorice, as well as some nice little woodsy herbal touches. The palate starts on huge sweet liquorice, lime juice and salt, before developing on plum sauce, engine oil, marmalade and tarte tatin. The finish is long and delightful, with sweet tar and tinned lychees.

This is top quality and hugely fun spirit, and not at all a bad place to start if you’re a whisky fan looking to introduce yourself to the world of rum.

This refill rum barrel was aged for 3 years in Jamaica and the remainder in Europe, producing only 177 bottles at a cask strength of 56.2%. They are available for £72.50 each. Last few.

Epris 11-year-old

A joint bottling of Brazilian Rum with Hop/Scotch Liverpool! This is a cask that we stumbled across and decided we had to have.

The nose has pineapple tarte tatin, banana and custard, then herbal liqueurs and cough candy. The palate has lime, peach, demarara sugar, a light tarriness and all the herbs from the nose. The finish has juicy red cherry fruits and pandan leaf. It’s the unusual herbal/fruity balance that really stands out with this one – it’s easy drinking without being even slightly boring.

This rum was matured for six years in amburana wood in Brazil, and the remainder in ex-bourbon in Europe. 80% cane juice and 20% molasses. The cask produced 265 bottles at 53.6% and they are available for £59.50 each. Last few.

Glentauchers 14-year-old

The first of two very different sherry-matured Glentauchers for you!

This one noses as very “yellow”, with brioche, good panettone, soft marzipan, peaches and yellow plums. The palate has honey, crème pât, stone fruits, yellow flowers, and a malty development with flapjacks, chocolate brownie, and golden sultanas in the aftertaste.

Very elegant and cakey, with the refill sherry adding a gentle richness to the underlying fruity spirit.

This refill sherry butt produced 610 bottles at a cask strength of 61.1% and they are available for £79.50 each.

Glentauchers 8-year-old

If the 14yo was elegant, this one is more talkative and boisterous!

The nose and palate both have a mix of richness (chocolate cornflake cakes, café crème, hazelnut nougat), jammy red fruits (redcurrant jelly, cherry jam) and umami savouriness (veg bouillon, walnuts, BBQ sauce, sesame paste) with little touches of liquorice and coal tar. Loads of complexity for the young age, and very changeable with water and time in the glass. One to delve into!

This sherry hogshead produced 291 bottles at a cask strength of 61.2% and they are available for £59.50 each.

Orkney 19-year-old

A lovely cask from the Orkney distillery that isn’t Scapa for you! The nose is beautifully soft, coastal and lightly honeyed, with lime leaves, tangerine, banana and a little thread of smoke and brine. The palate has sea water, butterscotch, candied lemon and eucalyptus, with a clean, citrussy finish with traces of smoke and honeydew melon.

A great example of the make, possessing a sort of crystal-clear purity that almost makes it feel like it’s doing you some good!

This ex-bourbon hogshead produced 324 bottles at a cask strength of 54.3% and they are available for £115 each.

Miltonduff 16-year-old

A complex and changeable Speyside single malt here, with a funky orange cream and boozy pineapple cake fruitiness when neat, switching to clean orange, peach and honeysuckle when diluted. The palate has loads of biscuity malt, and a camphor/phenolic edge that you wouldn’t expect from the make, leading into lightly syrupy green fruits, citrus and woodsy herbs. A talkative whisky worth having a leisurely conversation with!

This ex-bourbon hogshead produced 297 bottles at a cask strength of 55.9% and they are available for £87.50 each. Last few.

Tote Bag

A sturdy canvas shopping bag with long handles and a gusset, perfect for transporting whisky or other essentials. Screenprinted in Yorkshire. £4 each, and can be added to any bottle order for no extra postage.

La Nouvelle Vague

L’Ancien Régime


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  1. Matt Ellis April 4, 2021


    Do you ship to the U.S.? I’d love to get a hold of some. Thanks!

    • admin April 5, 2021 — Post Author

      Hi Matt. I can’t send to the US directly I’m afraid, but some of my stockists (Whiskybase, Tyndrum, Nickolls & Perks, Milroy’s) should be able to ship to you.

  2. Rick June 24, 2021

    I have just bought and tried the Cataibh 10-year-old here in Hong Kong. What a fantastic whisky this is (Clynelish) immediately impressed with the initial power and flavour and adding a few drops of water made this explode with aroma and hidden flavours. Right up there as one of my favorite expressions.

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