Review: Miltonduff, 1990 Cadenhead’s

Miltonduff Caden

Miltonduff – 24yo 1990 Cadenhead’s Cask End

(Distilled 1990, fresh bourbon cask, 20cl, 53.3%)

A small review here of a small bottle. As someone who likes to try as many things as possible I’d like to see more mini-bottles like this! Anyway, this is a “Cask End” from Cadenhead’s – presumably a leftover from one of the casks they vatted for one of the recent Miltonduff Small Batch releases. I’ve only tried a couple of Miltonduffs (it’s yet another one of those large Speyside distilleries that mostly provides fodder for blended whiskies) but they always seem to taste a bit of strawberries…

Nose: Soft, sweet and fruity. Strawberry jam, the fruity menthol of red Tunes, and some liquorice in the background (the purple Allsorts). It’s creamy too – cream soda and Chantilly cream – with a slightly perfumed and mineral edge to it. A bit like old-fashioned shaving cream maybe?
Taste: Fresh strawberries with black pepper and lime. Quite zesty! Custard and coconut cream. Some lemon tea, with touches of apple and peach.
Finish: Gets more full-bodied and malty, with a sort of fizzy lemon quality. Ends – very distinctly – on chocolate limes.

It’s hard not to get nostalgic for summers of your youth with this whisky: sweeties and pop and strawberries and cream! It’s nicely balanced and avoids becoming too sweet though, and while it’s not a terribly complex dram it does have a great development. Just straightforwardly summer hols-style fun really, and better than Pimms.

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