Review: Glenturret, 1987 Adelphi

Glenturret Adelphi

Glenturret – 27yo 1987 Adelphi

(Bourbon hogshead #398, 232 bottles, 52.1%)

Glenturret is another distillery that makes claims to be the oldest in Scotland. Maybe it is, but no one can say for certain; before the Excise Act of 1823 whisky production was – at best – quasi-legal so records tend not to be reliable. It was the wild north back then. Nowadays most of their output goes into the Famous Grouse blends, so things are rather more sedate.

Nose: Superbly light, fragrant and elegant. Crème pâtissière, apples and Zwetschgenkuchen. White grapes and white peach. There’s some marzipan and baklava after a while in the glass. An unusual herbal thing happening too: hops and (dare I say it) marijuana. That’s a first.
Taste: Also superb. A lovely syrupy mouthfeel – like honey dissolved in peach tea. Various tropical fruits, something a bit orangey, and then a touch of cough candy.
Finish: The herbal notes come in, and the slight bitterness is a nice foil to the sweetness. Great long finish on oranges, peach gummy and barley sugar. Right at the end you get an odd dry chocolate note: slightly stale chocolate digestives maybe? A tiny little honeysuckle floral note in the aftertaste.

Outstanding, and bottled at just the right time. It’s a cracker.

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