Review: Glenrothes 1997, Whisky Broker

Glenrothes WB

Glenrothes, 17yo 1997 Whisky Broker

(Hogshead 15721, Distilled 15/10/97, Bottled 2/5/15, 54.5%)

Nose: Oh, odd, there’s a whiff of musty asafoetida when you first open the bottle, and even a bit of French-polished mahogany, but it disappears almost immediately and then you’re left with the classic Glenrothes honey and quince. There are ripe apples with a bit of cinnamon, and there are loads of oranges – almost undiluted Robinsons squash in fact. It’s not cloying though, there’s a bit of a fresh leafy note in the background that keeps it fresh.
Taste: Lovely soft honeyed mouthfeel. There’s nectarine, lots of apple and loads of orange – this time stewed and marmaladey. It gets quite big and malty, and there’s distinct sweet ginger: the preserved stem stem type in jars, and parkin.
Finish: A drop of sweet black tannic tea, and something slightly floral (shall we say orange blossom to keep the theme going?). Again mild ginger and spices, and finally a lovely fresh half-time-orange-segment aftertaste.

Did I mention the oranges? I like that it’s a development of different orange flavours, and that’s what stops this whisky from just being too relentlessly pleasant. Those little bits of complexity and character. Very easy to drink though, unless you’re a hardcore citrusphobe. Presumably such people exist but I daren’t google.

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