Review: Clynelish, 1990 Adelphi

Clynelish Adelphi

Clynelish – 24yo 1990 Adelphi

(Bourbon barrel #3232, 180 bottles, 50.2%)

Nose: Some pineappley ester and acetone notes on first pouring, but then it settles to be replaced by lots of crème brûlée. Fragrant peach tea and lots of barley sugar. Fresh fruits too: peach, orange and little tropical hints.
Taste: A fantastic mix of wax and tropical fruit, with lots of creaminess. Mango lassi and waxed oranges. It’s quite sweet, but balanced by a mild white pepper spiciness.
Finish: The spice goes through into the finish and even gets a little salty on the palate. Other that that though we’re going out on more creamy fruits – mango, passionfruit and lemon drops.

Ah, the ever-changing face of Clynelish. I’ve reviewed another one of exactly the same vintage here before, and this one is worlds apart. Where the Cadenhead bottle was dry, herbal and a touch austere the Adelphi is lush, creamy and spicy-sweet. It maybe lacks some of the complexity you might expect from older Clynelish – and it’s the cask doing a lot of the talking here – but there’s something to be said for being straightforwardly delicious.

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