Review: Balblair 2003

Balblair 03

Balblair 2003

Young-ish malt in a pretty bottle! Balblair remains a bit of a mystery to me and I must explore further, but here’s a good place to start.

Nose: Big sweetness up front – like a vanilla pastry with butterscotch. There’s some subtle fruitiness behind that: lemon, apricot, cherry. It presents as young and fresh, with almost a beery maltiness.
Taste: Initially there’s a big blast of quite sharp lemon, but then it sweetens. Honey, apples, vanilla. A very soft and light mouthfeel.
Finish: Quite spicy with some soft oak. There’s some nice graininess: like malty flapjacks. The aftertaste is great: treacle and grapefruits.

Hmm, I think this starts out as quite a generic “modern” whisky with lots of vanilla and sweetness – which isn’t really to my taste – but then improves all the way through. It’s more common for whiskies to do the opposite (have a better nose than taste) so clearly there’s some good spirit here. The aftertaste is absolutely superb, and easily enough on its own to keep me on the lookout for other (probably older) Balblairs in the future. So, not entirely¬†up my alley, this, but friendly, light and summery whisky for sure.

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