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All Chorlton Whisky bottlings are bottled at natural cask strength from a single cask, with no chill-filtering or added colouring. No monkey business, basically.

Burnside 20-year-old

“Burnside” is code for a very famous Speyside distillery (GIYF, as the kids say), but wherever it’s from this is lovely whisky. It’s really sophisticated and elegant, with complex plum, melon and cherry notes on the nose, and an almost dessert wine quality on the palate. There’s a bittersweet citrus edge, like posh marmalade, then tropical fruits in the aftertaste. Proper grown-up stuff, this. Lush.

(86 points from Serge on!)

Bottled at cask strength of 51.7% with 103 bottles available at £72.50 each. Not many left!


Ledaig 10-year-old

Anyone who reads my reviews knows I’m a huge fan of this peaty whisky from the Isle of Mull. This particular one has a really aromatic smokiness – like a bonfire with driftwood and dried heather – backed by a creamy sweetness. On the palate it’s like a distillation (no pun intended) of all the things you like about Lagavulin and Ardbeg: fat, sweet, smoky and salty. Ledaig is knocking it out of the park at the moment, and this is a delicious example.

(91 points from Serge on!)

Sold out, but the last few bottles are available at Harvey Nichols, Manchester.


Bealach Ruadh 8-year-old

A beautiful smoky Islay single malt from a secret distillery (the name is a bit of a clue…). Older than its years, full of nuance, and perfectly balanced between peat smoke, sea air and fruitiness. A lovely sweet peachy aftertaste too!

(89 points from Serge on!)

Sold out, but you may still find a bottle at one of our stockists.


Cambus 25-year-old

This single grain whisky from the long-lost Lowlands distillery has spent a quarter of a century in a sherry cask, and is ready to take you on a real journey. It starts on a fruity apple note, before a nutty sherry note comes in and develops into a long and rich finish full of ginger biscuits and melted chocolate.

Sold out, but you may still find a bottle at one of our stockists.

Travellers Rum 11-year-old

Something completely different! This is a golden Caribbean rum, bottled from a single cask. Even at the crazy-high strength of 66.1% it is sippable neat, and full of dark-sweet molasses and tropical fruit flavours. A nice orange aftertaste too, which keeps it refreshing.

Amazing quality and more complex than your average rum – only 36 bottles available at £55 each. Last one!



Glenturret 14-year-old

From one of oldest working distilleries in Scotland comes this Highland malt that has spent 14 whole years maturing in a port cask. As well as a beautiful deep colour this has also given the whisky a very rich taste, full of dried fruits, chocolate, nuts and gingerbread. Just the thing for a chilly evening!

Sold out, but you may still find a bottle at one of our stockists.



Glenrothes 20-year-old

This is wonderfully old-school Speyside whisky, bottled at 52.8% after spending 20 years in a bourbon hogshead.

The nose on this is very fudgy (maybe a bit of tarte tatine too?), and the taste is honeyed and orangey with a long malty finish. Very mature and elegant, and yet so very easy to drink. No promises, but I find it really hard to imagine anyone not liking this!

Sold out, but you may still find a bottle at one of our stockists.



Bruichladdich 11-year-old

This Islay whisky has been bottled from a fresh bourbon barrel, and even at the full-strength of 58.4% it is incredibly smooth and creamy.

Adding water brings out a fascinating balance of flavours: green melon, savoury BBQ smoke, sweet pink peppercorns, and a distinct coastal feel. A delicious and unique whisky that you’ll want to spend a long time exploring.

Sold out, but you may still find a bottle at one of our stockists.



Bunnahabhain 23-year-old

From the east coast of the lovely Hebridean island of Islay comes this well-aged and lightly-peated Bunnahabhain, matured in a hogshead and bottled at cask strength of 46.3%.

It’s a subtle and dignified old feller, this, with a hint of smoke running through it. The nose is very clean, honeyed and fruity, with a distinct fresh coastal quality. Peaches and seashells! Tastewise it starts off with lots of lemon and fudge, and then becomes more seasidey, with some black pepper and a salted chocolate aftertaste. It’s very easy to drink at the same time as being quite complex and nuanced.

Sold out, but you may still find a bottle at one of our stockists.



Benrinnes 18-year-old

This is a single malt from the great Speyside distillery of Benrinnes, matured for 18 years in a refill bourbon barrel. The whisky is presented at natural cask strength of 50.0%.

The nose is beautifully floral and aromatic, with lots of ripe peaches and pears and a little bit of hazelnut syrup. The taste is more centred on ripe apples and light honey, with the sweetness balanced by some lemon and lime zest, mint, and a touch of peppery spice. A very elegant and delicious whisky at perfect strength.

Sold out, but you may still find a bottle at one of our stockists.

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  1. Is it possible to try a couple of samples – how much do you charge? I live in Leigh, but sometimes work in Manchester.

    1. Yes, it’s been a bit of a ‘mare, but should have 3 new things very shortly, and then plenty more nice stuff through the rest of the year.

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